A New York City Yuppie Moved To The Coun

A New York City Yuppie Moved To The Country And Bought A Piece Of Land. He Went To The Local Feed And Livestock Store And Talked To The Proprietor About How He Was Going To Take Up Chicken Farming. He Then Asked To Buy 100 Chicks. "Thats A Lot Of Chicks, " Commented The Proprietor. "I Mean Business, " The City Slicker Replied. A Week Later The Yuppie Was Back Again. "I Need Another 100 Chicks, " He Said. "Boy, You Are Serious About This Chicken Farming, " The Man Told Him. "Yeah, " The Yuppie Replied. "If I Can Iron Out A Few Problems. " "Problems? " Asked The Proprietor. "Yeah, " Replied The Yuppie, "I Think I Planted That Last Batch Too Close Together. "

A Husband And Wife Love To Golf Together

A Husband And Wife Love To Golf Together, But Neither Of Them Are Playinglike They Want To, So They Decide To Take Private Lessons. The Husband Hashis Lesson First. After The Pro Sees His Swing, He Says, "No, No, No, "Youre Gripping The Club Way Too Hard!" "Well, What Should I Do? " Asks The Man. "Hold The Club Gently, " The Pro Replied, "Just Like Youd Hold Your Wifes Breast. "The Man Takes The Advice, Takes A Swing, And Wow! He Hits The Ball 250 Yds. Straight Up The Fairway. The Man Goes Back To His Wife With The Good News, And The Wife Cant Wait For Her Lesson. The Next Day The Wife Goes For Her Lesson. The Pro Watches Her Swing And Says, "No, No, No, Youre Gripping The Club Way Too Hard. " "What Can I Do? " Asks The Wife. "Hold The Club Gently, Just Like Youd Hold Your Husbands Penis. " The Wife Listens Carefully To The Pros Advice, Takes A Swing, And Thump. The Ball Goes Straight Down The Fairway. . . About 15 Ft. "That Was Great, "The Pro Says. "Now, Take The Club Out Of Your Mouth And Swing The Club Like Youre Supposed To!" Says The Pro.