A Blonde Gets An Opportunity To Fly To A

A Blonde Gets An Opportunity To Fly To A Nearby Country. She Has Never Been On An Airplane Anywhere And Was Very Excited And Tense. As Soon As She Boarded The Plane, A Boeing747, She Started Jumping In Excitement, Running Over Seat To Seat And Starts Shouting, "Boeing! Boeing!! Boeing!!! Bo. . . . . " She Sort Of Forgets Where She Is, Even The Pilot In The Cock-Pit Hears The Noise. Annoyed By The Goings On, The Pilot Comes Out And Shouts "Be Silent!" There Was Pin-Drop Silence Everywhere And Everybody Is Looking At The Blonde And The Angry Pilot. She Stared At The Pilot In Silence For A Moment, Concentrated Really Hard, And All Of A Sudden Started Shouting, "Oeing! Oeing! Oeing! Oe. . . . "

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