A Henpecked Husband Was Advised By A Psy

A Henpecked Husband Was Advised By A Psychiatrist To Asserthimself. "You Dont Have To Let Your Wife Bully You, " He Said. "Go Home And Show Her Youre The Boss. " The Husband Decided To Take The Doctors Advice. He Wenthome, Slammed The Door, Shook His Fist In His Wifes Face, And Growled, "From Now On Youre Taking Orders From Me. I Want My Supper Right Now, And When You Get It On The Table, Go Upstairs And Lay Out My Clothes. Tonight I Am Going Out With The Boys. You Are Going To Stay At Home Where You Belong. Another Thing, You Know Who Is Going To Tie My Bow Tie? ""I Certainly Do, " Said His Wife Calmly, "The Undertaker. "