A Programmer Was Walking Along The Beach

A Programmer Was Walking Along The Beach When He Found A Lamp. Upon Rubbing The Lamp A Genie Appeared Who Stated "I Am The Most Powerful Genie In The World. I Can Grant You Any Wish You Want, But Only One Wish. "The Programmer Pulled Out A Map Of The Mediterranean Area And Said "Id Like There To Be A Just And Last Peace Among The People In The Middle East. "The Genie Responded, "Gee, I Dont Know. Those People Have Been Fighting Since The Beginning Of Time. I Can Do Just About Anything, But This Is Beyond My Limits. "The Programmer Then Said, "Well, I Am A Programmer And My Programs Have A Lot Of Users. Please Make All The Users Satisfied With My Programs, And Let Them Ask Sensible Changes"Genie: "Uh, Let Me See That Map Again. "