Blind Jokes

There Were Those Three Guys, A Priest, A

There Were Those Three Guys, A Priest, A Doctor And An Engineer, And They Were Playing Golf. But The Group Before Them Was Extremely Slow And At Each Hole They Waited Hours. Finally The Priest Asked Around, Why Was That Other Group Was So Slow? He Was Told That They Were Very Courageous Firemen Who Saved The Golf Course A Couple Of Years Ago From A Terrible Fire, In Which They All Lost Their Sight. As A Proof Of Appreciation They Were Given The Right To Play On The Course Whenever They Wanted. They Like That A Lot, But Being Blind They Are Just Not Too Good At Hitting The Ball, Let Alone Finding It After Its Hit. The Priest Said, "Oh My This Is Terrible. Tonight Ill Say A Little Prayer For These Courageous Souls. "The Doctor Heard That And Said "Dont Worry. Ill Send Them To A Friend Of Mine, Hes An Ophtalmologist And He Works Wonders. "The Engineer Said "Wait. Why Cant They Just Play At Ni Ght? "

There Once Was A Blind Man Who Decided T

There Once Was A Blind Man Who Decided To Visit Texas. When He Arrived On The Plane, He Felt The Seats And Said, "Wow, These Seats Are Big!" The Person Next To Him Answered, "Everything Is Big In Texas. " When He Finally Arrived In Texas, He Decided To Visit A Bar. Upon Arriving In The Bar, He Ordered A Beer And Got A Mug Placed Between His Hands. He Exclaimed, "Wow These Mugs Are Big!" The Bartender Replied, "Everything Is Big In Texas. " After A Couple Of Beers, The Blind Man Asked The Bartender Where The Bathroom Was Located. The Bartender Replied, "Second Door To The Right. " The Blind Man Headed For The Bathroom, But Accidentally Tripped Over And Skipped The Second Door. Instead, He Entered The Third Door, Which Lead To The Swimming Pool And Fell Into The Pool By Accident. Scared To Death, The Blind Man Started Shouting, "Dont Flush, Dont Flush!"

The Blind Farmer Was Often Taken For A W

The Blind Farmer Was Often Taken For A Walk In The Fields By A Kind Neighbor. However Kindly The Neighbor Might Have Been, He Was Undoubtedly A Coward. When A Bull Charged Towards Them One Day, He Abandoned The Blind Man. The Bull, Puzzled By A Lack Of Fear, Nudged The Farmer In The Back. He Turned Very Quickly, Caught The Bull By The Horns And Threw It To The Ground With A Bump That Left It Breathless. "Aidan, " Said The Neighbor, "I Never Knew You Were So Strong. " "Faith, And If I Could Have Got That Fella Off The Handlebars Of The Bicycle Id Have Thrashed Him Properly. "