College Jokes

Wouldnt It Be Nice To Tell The Dean Of Y

Wouldnt It Be Nice To Tell The Dean Of Your College What You Really Think About Him/Her? Well, If You Like Your Dean As Much As I Like My Dean, Then Youd Better Keep Your Mouth Shut. I Knew Id Get Kicked Out Of The College If I Expressed My True Feelings, So I Remained Silent For The Last Four Years. But Yesterday Was My Graduation. And As I Walked Across The Stage, The Dean Handed My Diploma To Me (Nicely Scrolled And Tied With A Ribbon). Once She Handed It To Me, I Could Finally Tell That Bitch What I Really Thought About Her. So I Leaned Across Her Podium And I Looked Her Straight In The Eye. "Hey Bitch, " I Said. "Youre So Damn Ugly, You Could Practice Birth Control Just By Leaving The Lights On!"And Then I Walked Off The Stage, And Went Home. I Gotta Tell You That It Felt Just As Good As I Had Imagined It Would For The Last Four Years. Today, I Unwrapped My Diploma, Fr Amed It, And Hung It In The Living Room, Where It Proudly Exclaims To The World: "In Order To Receive Your Diploma, Please Present This Certificate To The Dean Of Your College After Final Grades Have Been Posted!"