Computer Jokes

Young Judy, The Editor Of A Trivia Publi

Young Judy, The Editor Of A Trivia Publication, Was Having Trouble With Her Computer. So She Called Prem, The Computer Guy, Over To Her Desk. Prem Clicked A Couple Buttons And Solved The Problem. As He Was Walking Away, Judy Called After Him, "So, What Was Wrong? "And He Replied, "It Was An Id Ten T Error. "A Puzzled Expression Ran Riot Over Judys Face. "An Id Ten T Error? Whats That. . . In Case I Need To Fix It Again? ? "He Gave Her A Grin. . . ;-)"Havent You Ever Heard Of An Id Ten T Error Before? ""No, " Replied Judy. "Write It Down, " He Said, "And I Think Youll Figure It Out. "(She Wrote. . . )I D 1 0 T

Yeltsin, Clinton And Bill Gates Were Inv

Yeltsin, Clinton And Bill Gates Were Invited To Have Dinner With God. During Dinner He Told Them: I Need Three Important People To Send My Message Out To All The People: "Tomorrow I Will Destroy The Earth. "Yeltsin Immediately Called Together His Cabinet And Told Them: "I Have Two Really Bad News Items For You:1) God Really Exists And2) Tomorrow He Will Destroy The Earth. "Clinton Called An Emergency Meeting Of The Senate And Congress And Told Them: "I Have Good News And Bad News:1) The Good News Is That God Really Does Exist2) The Bad News Is, Tomorrow He Is Going To Destroy The Earth. " Bill Gates Went Back To Microsoft And Very Happily Announced: "I Have Two Fantastic Announcements:1) I Am One Of The Three Most Important People On Earth2) The Year 2000 Problem Is Solved. "