English Jokes

English Jokes Are Jokes In English Language. These Are Not Jokes In Urdu Written In English Script But These Are Jokes In English In All Sense. So Only People Who Can Read And Understand English Can Enjoy These English Jokes.

A Kangaroo Kept Getting Out Of His Enclo

A Kangaroo Kept Getting Out Of His Enclosure At The Zoo. Knowing That He Could Hop High, The Zoo Officials Put Up A Ten-Foot Fence. He Was Out The Next Morning, Just Roaming Around The Zoo. A Twenty-Foot Fence Was Put Up. Again He Go Out. When The Fence Was Forty Feet High, A Camel In The Next Enclosure Asked The Kangaroo, "How High Do You Think Theyll Go? "The Kangaroo Said, "About A Thousand Feet, Unless Somebody Locks The Gate At Night!"