One Day In The Garden Of Eden, Eve Calls

One Day In The Garden Of Eden, Eve Calls Out To God, "Lord, I Have A Problem!" "Whats The Problem, Eve? " "Lord, I Know Youve Created Me And Have Provided This Beautiful Garden And All Of These Wonderful Animals, And That Hilarious Comedy Snake, But Im Just Not Happy. " "Why Is That, Eve? " Came The Reply From Above. "Lord, I Am Lonely. And Im Sick To Death Of Apples. " "Well, Eve, In That Case, I Have A Solution. I Shall Create A Man For You. " "Whats A Man, Lord? " "This Man Will Be A Flawed Creature, With Aggressive Tendencies, An Enormous Ego And An Inability To Empathize Or Listen To You Properly. All In All, Hell Give You A Hard Time. But, Hell Be Bigger And Faster And More Muscular Than You. Hell Be Really Good At Fighting And Kicking A Ball About And Hunting Fleet-Footed Ruminants, And Not Altogether Bad In The Sack. " "Sounds G Reat, " Says Eve, With An Ironically Raised Eyebrow. "Yeah, Well. Hes Better Than A Poke In The Eye With A Burnt Stick. But, You Can Have Him On One Condition. " "Whats That, Lord? " "Youll Have To Let Him Believe That I Made Him First. "