Police Jokes

While The Pope Was Visiting The Usa, He

While The Pope Was Visiting The Usa, He Told The Driver Of His Limo That He Has The Sudden Urge To Drive. The Driver Was A Good Catholic Man, And Would Not Ever Dream Of Questioning The Popes Authority. So The Pope Sat At The Wheel, While His Driver Got In The Back. They Were Traveling Down The Road Doing Between 70 And 80 Mph, When A Policeman Happened To See Them. As He Pulled Them Over, He Called In To Headquarters Reporting A Speeding Limo, With A Vip Inside It. The Chief Asked: "Who Is In The Limo, The Mayor? "The Policeman Told Him: "No, Someone More Important Than The Mayor. "Then The Chief Asked "Is It The Governor? "The Policeman Answered: "No, Someone More Important Than The Governor. "The Chief Finally Asked: "Is It The President? "The Policeman Answered: "No, Someone Even More Important Than The President. "This Made The Chief Very Angry And He Bellowed: "Now Who Is M Ore Important Than The President? !"The Policeman Calmly Wispered: "Ill Put It To You This Way Chief. I Dont Know Who Is This Guy, But He Has The Pope As His Chauffeur. "

While Driving Down The Road The Motorist

While Driving Down The Road The Motorist Saw A Roadside Stand Which Had A Fortune Teller Sitting Under An Umbrella. She Was Just Sitting There Smiling And Laughing. The Motorist Passed On By And Went A Couple Of Miles On Down The Road. All Of A Sudden He Spun His Car Around And Sped Back Toward The Fortune Teller. As He Got Closer To The Still Laughing Fortune Teller He Began To Slow Down. He Pulled Up Next To The Woman And Jumped Out Of His Car And Suddenly Began Slapping And Beating Her. A Policeman Passing By Screeched To A Stop And Wrestled The Man To The Ground. After Cuffing The Man He Stood Him Up And Asked Him, "What Do You Think Youre Doing? "After A Moment The Man Replied,. . . "Well, Ive Always Wanted To Strike A Happy Medium. "