A Doctor Of Psychology Was Doing His Nor

A Doctor Of Psychology Was Doing His Normal Morning Rounds When He Entered A Patients Room. He Found Patient #1 Sitting On The Floor, Pretending To Saw A Piece Of Wood In Half. Patient #2 Was Hanging From The Ceiling, By His Feet. The Doctor Asked Patient Number 1 What He Was Doing. The Patient Replied, "Cant You See Im Sawing This Piece Of Wood In Half? " The Doctor Inquired Of Patient #1 What Patient #2 Was Doing. Patient #1 Replied, "Oh. Hes My Friend, But Hes A Little Crazy. He Thinks Hes A Lightbulb. " The Doctor Looks Up And Notices Patient #2s Face Is Going All Red. The Doctor Asks Patient #1, "If Hes Your Friend, You Should Get Him Down From There Before He Hurts Himself" Patient #1 Replies, "What? And Work In The Dark? "