A Man Walked Into A Therapists Office Lo

A Man Walked Into A Therapists Office Looking Very Depressed. "Doc, Youve Got To Help Me. I Cant Go On Like This. ""Whats The Problem? " The Docotor Inquired. "Well, Im 35 Years Old And I Still Have No Luck With The Ladies. No Matter How Hard I Try, I Just Seem To Scare Them Away. ""My Friend, This Is Not A Serious Problem. You Just Need To Work On Your Self-Esteem. Each Morning, I Want You To Get Up And Run To The Bathroom Mirror. Tell Yourself That You Are A Good Person, A Fun Person, And An Attractive Person. But Say It With Real Conviction. Within A Week Youll Have Women Buzzing All Around You. "The Man Seemed Content With This Advice And Walked Out Of The Office A Bit Excited. Three Weeks Later He Returned With The Same Downtrodden Expression On His Face. "Did My Advice Not Work? " Asked The Doctor. "It Worked Alright. For The Past Several Weeks Ive E Njoyed Some Of The Best Moments In My Life With The Most Fabulous Looking Women. ""So, Whats Your Problem? " "I Dont Have A Problem, " The Man Replied. "My Wife Does. "