A Woman Accompanied Her Husband To The D

A Woman Accompanied Her Husband To The Doctors Office. After His Checkup, The Doctor Called The Wife Into His Office Alone. He Said, "Your Husband Is Suffering From A Very Severe Stress Disorder. If You Dont Follow My Instructions Carefully, Your Husband Will Surely Die. "Each Morning, Fix Him A Healthy Breakfast. Be Pleasant At All Times. For Lunch Make Him A Nutritious Meal. For Dinner Prepare An Especially Nice Meal For Him. "Dont Burden Him With Chores. Dont Discuss Your Problems With Him; It Will Only Make His Stress Worse. Do Not Nag Him. Most Importantly, Make Love To Him Regularly. "If You Can Do This For The Next 10 Months To A Year, I Think Your Husband Will Regain His Health Completely. " On The Way Home, The Husband Asked His Wife, "What Did The Doctor Say? " "He Said Youre Going To Die, " She Replied.