A Young Couple Got Married And Left On T

A Young Couple Got Married And Left On Their Honeymoon. When They Got Back, The Bride Immediately Called Her Mother. Her Mother Asked, "How Was The Honeymoon? " "Oh, Mum, " She Replied, "The Honeymoon Was Wonderful! So Romantic. . . " Suddenly She Burst Out Crying. "But, Mum, As Soon As We Returned Sam Started Using The Most Horrible Language. . . Things Id Ever Heard Before! I Mean, All These Awful 4-Letter Words! Youve Got To Come Get Me And Take Me Home. . . . Please Mum!" "Sarah, " Her Mother Said, "Calm Down! Tell Me, What Could Be So Awful? What 4-Letter Words? " "Please Dont Make Me Tell You, Mum, " Wept The Daughter, "Im So Embarrassed, Theyre Just Too Awful! Come Get Me, Please!" "Darling, You Must Tell Me What Has You So Upset. Tell Your Mother These Horrible 4-Letter Words!" Still Sobbing, The Bride Said, "Oh, Mum, They Were Words Like Dust, Wash, Iron, Cook!"