I Bet You Dont Know What Day This Is, Sa

I Bet You Dont Know What Day This Is, Said The Wife Toher Husband As He Made His Way Out The Front Door. The Husband Was Perplexed, But Was Always A Quick Thinker:"Of Course I Do, My Dear. How Could I Forget!? " With That, He Turned And Rushed To Catch The Bus For Work. At 10 Am, The Doorbell Rang And When The Woman Opened Thedoor, She Was Handed A Box Containing A Dozen Long Stemmedred Roses. At 1 Pm, A Foil Wrapped, Two Pound Box Of Her Favoritechocolates Arrived. Later, A Boutique Delivered A Designerdress. The Woman Couldnt Wait For Her Husband To Come Home. The Husband Was Smug When He Returned From Work, Satisfiedthat He Had Recovered What Could Have Been A Very Badsituation. His Wife Was Indeed Surprised: "First The Flowers, Then Thechocolates And Then The Dress!" She Exclaimed, "Ive Neverhad A More Wonderful Groundhog Day In My Life!"