Well, Mrs. Oconnor, So You Want A Divorc

Well, Mrs. Oconnor, So You Want A Divorce? The Solicitor Questioned His Client. "Tell Me About It. Do You Have A Grudge? " "Oh, No, " Replied Mrs. Oconnor. "Shure Now, We Have A Carport. " The Solicitor Tried Again. "Well, Does The Man Beat You Up? " "No, No, " Said Mrs. Oconnor, Looking Puzzled. "Oim Always First Out Of Bed. " Still Hopeful, The Solicitor Tried Once Again. "What Im Trying To Find Out Are What Grounds You Have. " "Bless Ye, Sor. We Live In A Flat -- Not Even A Window Box, Let Alone Grounds. " "Mrs. Oconnor, " The Solicitor Said In Considerable Exasperation, "You Need A Reason That The Court Can Consider. "What Is The Reason For You Seeking This Divorce? " "Ah, Well Now, " Said The Lady, "Shure Its Because The Man Cant Hold An Intelligent Conversation. "